How much does EU trademark cost in comparison to other things? Find out here.

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Too many companies decide not to protect their trademarks because of cost reasons. Here are some calculations and comparisons how much an EU trademark costs.

The calculations are based on the registration covering 3 trademark classes (government fee 1050 EUR) and having been filed on Reggster (attorney fee 395 EUR). So the total cost of the trademark is 1445 EUR.

Basic breakdown
Since the EU trademark is valid for ten years and covers (currently) 28 countries, here’s what the cost looks like

  • 144,50 EUR per year
  • 12,04 EUR per month
  • 5,16 EUR per year per country
  • 0,43 EUR per month per country

​So the monthly cost of maintaining EU trademark rights (attorney fee included), is about 12 EUR. Considering that trademark protection reduced business risks and increases the company’s value, it does not seem like a big investment.

How does trademark cost compare to other goods and services?

Daily EU trademark cost: 0,40 EUR
​Daily cup of coffee: 2,50 EUR


Weekly EU trademark cost: 2,77 EUR
​Weekly BigMac meal: 6,95 EUR


Monthly EU trademark cost: 12,04 EUR
​Monthly DropBox Advanced: 12 EUR

In comparison to other costs, having a solid trademark protection is not particularly expensive. Here a final chart comparing trademark costs to coffee and BigMac meals.

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