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Trademark registration

Trademark monitoring

Legal services

National coverage

From 495€ +
government fees

National trademark registration

Securing your trademark nationally is an excellent choice if you intend to utilize the trademark exclusively within your own country.

Top choice for EU

From 695€ +
government fees

EU trademark registration

With one application, protection in 27 EU countries. Afterwards, if you wish, you can extend the protection with priority also outside the EU.

Global expansion

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Global trademark registration

If you already have an EU or national registration, or if you are interested in protecting your trademark in one or more countries outside the EU, we are happy to assist. We can apply for registration in over 180 countries, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Norway, and Switzerland.

Unsure about the possibilities of trademark registration? Conduct a free trademark check here.

Trademark monitoring
Legal Services

Notification of letter from a third party or other action relating to a trademark registration or application

Submitting a request for extension of time to the trademark office

Reporting of an office action

Reporting of a warning letter / cease and desist letter / an opposition

Sending the registration certificate

Preparing and submitting a name/address change request to the trademark office

Drafting a standard assignment document and submitting an assignment request to the trademark office

Contract negotiations, drawing up contracts, legal reports, drafting letters, responding to office actions, letters and oppositions, and other legal work according to the amount of work required, from EUR 250 (you will be consulted before further action is taken).

VAT 24 % will be added. Additionally, if applicable, government fee and fee for a local attorney will be charged.

SME Fund

Get Help for Your SME Up to 1 000€

The European Union is providing the SME Fund which offers financial support to SME’s looking to protect their intellectual property.

Contact us to learn more about the SME Fund.

Clients Feedback

If you're looking for exceptional trademark registration services, look no further than Reggster. The team of consultants I worked with, Iida, Jarmo, and Erkki, were friendly and efficient in handling all the paperwork and ensuring our trademark was registered in all EU countries. Not only that, they also helped us secure funding from the European Union to cover half of the fees. Overall, I highly recommend Reggster for anyone seeking reliable and cost-effective trademark registration services.

Gianluca Tognon

Food4Future AB

Smooth, professional service at the right price.
The clearest benefit from the service is that the game is now trademarked. If we had started doing the whole process ourselves, we would have spent a lot of time and nerves on it. Also, we would probably have been faced with issues that we wouldn’t have considered properly. I recommend Reggster services to anyone who needs trademark registration.

Pekka Piirainen

Critical Force

I give my unreserved recommendation for Reggster's services. I especially recommend them for businesses that are aiming to go international, but for my part, I would have protected my brand even if I was planning on staying at the domestic market. As our objective is to be a strong and well-known brand, it would be unthinkable not to protect our brand.

Tommi Särkkinen


I cannot even imagine how trademark protection could be done in a smoother and clearer manner than this. I already had extensive knowledge of creating and developing brands. Through it, I also had a general understanding of the need to protect a trademark. What I didn’t have was an experience in protecting trademarks. I absolutely recommend their services.

Tommi Lähde

the other danish guy

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