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Exclusive Trademark Services in the EU for Foreign Partners

With a deep understanding of the European Union’s trademark landscape, our law firm is perfectly positioned to assist foreign partners in navigating these waters. We offer specialized, discounted services exclusively for our foreign law firm partners, covering everything from trademark registration to enforcement and defense within these offices and areas: European Union (EUIPO), Finland (PRH) and Sweden (PRV). Leverage our expertise to expand your service offerings and deliver added value to your clients.

*Special prices for foreign partners

Trademark applications

Trademark Applications
For Foreign Partners

Expand your firm’s reach into the European Union with our specialized trademark registration services. We offer seamless support for the entire registration process, leveraging our local expertise to navigate the specific legal requirements and procedural nuances in the EU. Partner with us to ensure efficient, effective registration outcomes for your clients.

We can help you with your trademark matters at these offices: European Union (EUIPO), Finland (PRH) and Sweden (PRV).

1 500+ trademarks registered with over 97% success rate in the EU – your client’s cases are in good hands.

Send Application Inquiry

Begin by sending an inquiry for your client’s trademark application details via email to

Application Filing
Upon reviewing your inquiry, we will prepare and file the trademark application.

Securing Trademark Registration
Our team will closely monitor the application, addressing any queries or objections to ensure a favorable outcome.

Other lP services

Intellectual Property Services for Our Foreign Partners

Our partnership extends beyond basic trademark services to include comprehensive support tailored to the needs of foreign law firms operating without direct access or extensive experience in the EU. From portfolio management to infringement litigation and domain name disputes, we provide the expertise and legal authority to represent your interests fully. Rely on us for a broad spectrum of services designed to protect and enforce your client’s intellectual property rights in the European Union.

Send case inquiry to us at

Partnership benefits

Expand your reach to European Union

Partnering with us unlocks a gateway to the European Union’s trademark landscape, offering your firm enhanced capabilities and allowing you to offer comprehensive EU trademark services to your clients, backed by our expertise and support.

Clients Feedback

If you're looking for exceptional trademark registration services, look no further than Reggster. The team of consultants I worked with, Iida, Jarmo, and Erkki, were friendly and efficient in handling all the paperwork and ensuring our trademark was registered in all EU countries. Not only that, they also helped us secure funding from the European Union to cover half of the fees. Overall, I highly recommend Reggster for anyone seeking reliable and cost-effective trademark registration services.

Gianluca Tognon

Food4Future AB

Smooth, professional service at the right price.
The clearest benefit from the service is that the game is now trademarked. If we had started doing the whole process ourselves, we would have spent a lot of time and nerves on it. Also, we would probably have been faced with issues that we wouldn’t have considered properly. I recommend Reggster services to anyone who needs trademark registration.

Pekka Piirainen

Critical Force

I give my unreserved recommendation for Reggster's services. I especially recommend them for businesses that are aiming to go international, but for my part, I would have protected my brand even if I was planning on staying at the domestic market. As our objective is to be a strong and well-known brand, it would be unthinkable not to protect our brand.

Tommi Särkkinen


I cannot even imagine how trademark protection could be done in a smoother and clearer manner than this. I already had extensive knowledge of creating and developing brands. Through it, I also had a general understanding of the need to protect a trademark. What I didn’t have was an experience in protecting trademarks. I absolutely recommend their services.

Tommi Lähde

the other danish guy

Additional information

Our partnership process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, ensuring that your firm can easily access our expertise and services. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

New trademark application assigment

Please, send a new trademark application assignment inquiry via email to Include the following details:

1. Applicant details

  • Full legal name of the applicant
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postcode / ZIP code
  • Country

2. Application details

  • Trademark
  • Trademark type
  • Classes
  • List of goods and services
  • Office (European Union (EUIPO), Finland (PRH) or Sweden (PRV)

3. Your law firm details

  • Contact person details
  • Your company name
  • Billing details
  • Billing email (where to send the invoice)
Office actions

Utilize our expertise to address office actions at EUIPO, PRH (Finland), and PRV (Sweden) swiftly and effectively. Our team stands ready to assist with precise, strategic responses, leveraging our in-depth understanding of EU practices to advance your clients’ applications toward successful registration. Collaborate with us to overcome  obstacles with confidence.


Benefit from our seasoned representation in opposition proceedings within the EU. Our approach combines local legal insight with strategic advocacy to protect your client’s interests, whether challenging third-party applications or defending against oppositions. Partnering with us means securing a robust defense of your client’s trademark rights in the European marketplace.

Other IP inquries

We specialize in trademarks, design patents, and copyrights, offering expert assistance in protecting your client’s intellectual property rights in the EU. Pricing is based on the complexity and requirements of each case, with either an hourly rate of 360 EUR or a fixed price, depending on the specific nature of the work. Please, send your case inquiry to for more information.


We support bank transfer as our primary payment method. Invoices detailing your transaction will be sent via email. Please provide your billing details and the email address where the invoice should be directed.