(Personal Data Act 523/1999)

1. The Controller
Reggster Oy (business identity code: 2734292-4)
Fabianinkatu 4
00130 Helsinki, Finland
Tel .: + 358 50 320 7744

2. Person in charge of register issues
Erkki Holmila
Tel .: +358 50 320 7744

3. Name of the register
Data file on client relationships and other relevant relationships with Reggster Ltd.

4. Purpose of use of personal data
Management and development of customer relationships and connections, client communications and marketing.

5. Data content of the register
The file records the following information:
– basic personal information such as name, contact information (mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses), gender, title or position in the organization and language, as well as personal identity numbers of private clients;
– information related to client relationship and service, such as contacts, communications, orders, billing and participation in company events;
– agreements and prohibitions to direct marketing;
– amendments to the above-mentioned information.

6. Regular sources of information
Persons themselves as well as various public data sources, such as directories and registers. The basic register data can also be acquirer and upgrade/updated from the authorities and commercial business data information providers.

7. Disclosure and transfer of data
The Registrar may disclose information within the limits of the existing legislation and good professional ethics. Information is not, in principle, be disclosed to third parties. Information is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, unless it is necessary for providing the service to the client or there is another relevant connection. The processing of personal data may take place by subcontractors or commercial partners, in which case data protection requirements are complied with contractual clauses.

8. Data Protection
Ipriq provides the data security by means of appropriate technical solutions and prevents unauthorized access to the manually maintained and preserved materials as well as electronically held information. Information that is kept manually is locked up. Access electronic data shall require a personal user name and password. Information which involves professional confidentiality is treated in accordance with good professional ethics and practices.

9. Inspection, prohibition and rectification
The subject is entitled to know what information about him is kept in file. The inspection request must be sent to the person in charge of register issues and must be in writing and signed. The subject has the right to prohibit their data from being processed and disclosed for the purpose of direct advertising, distance sales, direct marketing, market reasearch or opinion polls and the right to demand the correction of incorrect information by giving written notice to the person in charge of register issues.