3 important differences between US and EU trademarks

Trademark laws and processes are surprisingly similar in most most countries. That being said, there are also many differences between different countries. Here’s three things how US and EU trademarks differ. 1. The importance of use The main difference between EU and US systems is that actual use of the trademark is very important in […]

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5 things every company should now about EU trademarks

For most companies EU trademark is the best way to get their brand protected within EU. Here’s 5 practical things to know about EU trademarks. 1. They’re great, but not without downsides The obvious advantage of an EU trademark is that with one registration it is possible to cover 28 countries and a market of […]

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Chinese brands will take over Europe?

Chinese companies are filing even more EU trademarks than Spanish, French and UK companies, reveals our study. China has a sticky reputation of providing cheap counterfeits. During the past ten years Chinese companies have started to innovate their own products, and during the last few years Chinese brands have reached Western markets. EU trademarks filed […]

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