For Yeply, every bike is worth maintaining—and your own brand worth protecting

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“For me, the best things have been the peace of mind, the saved time and the extremely pleasant customer experience.” Yeply brings bike maintenance where the customers are. Ipriq has helped the company which aims for the international market to register the EU trademark for the name and the logo. An opposition has been made against the trademark, and Ipriq represents Yeply also in the opposition proceedings.

Yeply—the moving bike maintenance

Yeply’s story began as a passionate designer and a pedantic engineer realised that bike maintenance should be brought to the customers. From this starting point, the service concept’s basis was first-class product development and service design. In addition, the service concept relies on a genuine will to promote a healthier, more active and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. The business started with a pilot experiment and quickly progressed into a service concept and comfortable growth. At the moment, Yeply operates within the Finnish Capital Region with three maintenance cars and approximately ten mechanics. The goal for 2019 is to reach the European market. “Yeply is a new way to maintain your bike. In practice, it’s a moving bike maintenance service—we bring the service to the customers. It’s possible to reserve a maintenance slot in advance or to just bring the bike in for maintenance. The operations have started well in the Helsinki region and for 2019, our objective is to reach the European market,” Yeply’s founder Tommi Särkkinen explains.

Ipriq takes care of everything related to the brand registration process and the opposition proceedings

“For us, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to be a strong and recognised brand. We have also aimed for the international market from the beginning. From this starting point, the brand is clearly a big competitive edge, and protecting it is a must,” Särkkinen states.   From the beginning, Yeply had the objective of becoming a strong and recognised brand. In this context, the company recognised the need to protect their brand—name and logo infringements would have destroyed everything. Yeply set out to find an appropriate partner to protect the brand. Ipriq was found through a search engine and was chosen as a partner based on their clear service description. An opposition has been made against the registration of the Yeply trademark which means that an external party has filed a notice that says the trademark should not have been accepted into the trademark register. In Yeply’s case, the opposition came in the context of registering the EU trademark. The opposition is from a foreign company that operates in a different field and considers the Yeply trademark to be too close to their trademark. Ipriq represents Yeply in the ongoing opposition proceedings. “Ipriq’s service description was clear. All in all, I think Ipriq seemed like a clear and easily approachable option. Afterwards, I can say that these things were also true. Now that an opposition was made against the registration, I’m even more satisfied that we have a partner we can trust. Without a reliable partner, the risk would be significant that we would be way out of our league,” Särkkinen says.

Peace of mind and saved time

“From the customer’s point of view, the process has been really simple. Everything’s clear and things progress smoothly. The big picture is clear even for me and it’s assuring to know that our brand is now protected as well as possible,” Särkkinen states.   Ipriq has taken care of registering the Yeply trademark exhaustively. This has kept the process extremely clear also for the customer. At the same time, the customer’s time has been used sparingly. Yeply advocates the pleasant and smooth customer experience. “For me, the best things have been the peace of mind, the saved time and the extremely pleasant customer experience. Of course, as a whole, the process takes months, but I have only spent a few hours of my own time. It’s great to receive such expertise and progressing service from such great people,” Särkkinen explains.

Protecting your brand is wise and, with a good partner, simple

Särkkinen reminds us that he does not see leaving your brand unprotected as an alternative. He thinks that anyone who sees potential in their brand should take care of the protection as soon as they start out. Ipriq enables a clear and transparent model where the customer’s job is mainly to enjoy the fruits of a job well done. “I give my unreserved recommendation for Ipriq’s services. I especially recommend them for businesses that are aiming to go international, but for my part, I would have protected my brand even if I was planning on staying at the domestic market. As our objective is to be a strong and well-known brand, it would be unthinkable not to protect our brand,” Särkkinen concludes.

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