The other danish guy’s international success story is based on the brand — not protecting it would be incredibly dumb!

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“I cannot even imagine how trademark protection could be done in a smoother and clearer manner than this.”

The Finnish underwear brand, the other danish guy, exports the world’s best underwear for international markets. Ipriq has helped the company build its trademark strategy and assisted in all practical matters. These matters are crucial when we are talking about growing an international business around a well-known and esteemed brand.

Only three balls matterTM

The other danish guy’s story begins with men’s chafing underwear. The initial push for a new business came from underwear that was chafing during a run in New York. As the story that began by chance evolved into a brand, it was always clear that the brand would have a strong international presence.

The fashion and textile industry should take the diminishing resources of our planet seriously. This thought model has led the other danish guy to consider the third ball, i.e. our planet. The company is the first in the world to use SmoothshellTM fabric in the production of underwear. The fabric is made of plastic waste and abandoned fishing nets that are found in the oceans.

“We started out with a genuine desire to produce the world’s best underwear for men. However, it was clear from the beginning that we could not take over the markets or achieve the desired growth just by having a good product — we needed a strong brand. At the same time, we decided to keep the brand clear and whole by focusing on underwear and to build a strong presence on the international markets for the brand,” Tommi Lähde, founder of the other danish guy, says.

Ipriq’s help started with the trademark strategy

“I already had extensive knowledge of creating and developing brands. Through it, I also had a general understanding of the need to protect a trademark. What I didn’t have was experience in protecting trademarks. In addition to the actual measures, I also wanted to understand the significance of protection in the different stages of a business and, for this, I needed a partner who I could ask even stupid questions without looking like a fool,” Lähde explains.

Early on, the other danish guy recognised that protecting a successful and international brand is a prerequisite for operations. Not protecting the brand would most likely have unendurable consequences and could destroy the entire brand. To prevent this from happening, the other danish guy decided to seek external help. Consulting support that enables the understanding of the matter and the necessary concrete measures were identified as the more specific needs. Ipriq was chosen as the collaboration partner based on recommendations.

“I asked my network for recommendations of potential partners. Ipriq was an easy choice as Ipriq and Jarmo Talvitie came up several times, Lähde says.

A functional partnership frees up resources

“A growth company will constantly have a million things to take care of. It’s incredibly significant when you can wholeheartedly trust something to a partner and the only thing you need to do is to check it off your list and know that it’s taken care of,” Lähde states.

Ipriq took care of the other danish guy’s matters with a consulting approach. The operational model did not have anything extra and seemed clear and instructive — it was easy for the other danish guy to give the process its unreserved trust.

“I really appreciate the professionalism and patience that Ipriq showed throughout the coaching process. We did not see even a hint of the theatrical and terminological gimmickries that you sometimes experience with expert services. Things progressed actively, and everything was taken care of in a direct and honest manner. I cannot even imagine how trademark protection could be done in a smoother and clearer manner than this,” Lähde says.

An effortless way to protect your brand

Once more, Lähde highlights the importance of protecting your brand. A partner like Ipriq makes the protection process quite easy and painless. In total, the process that took a few months required resources from the other danish guy only for a few days.

“Ipriq’s experts had a clear vision and extensive expertise for implementing a project like this. The whole thing was taken care of in a few months and despite the coaching-based implementation, only a few days of my time was required. It’s ridiculously easy, especially considering the significance of protection for the value of the entire brand.

I absolutely recommend their services. I especially recommend them for situations where the brand might be significant, and the company has an insight or a vision that they want to do business even outside Finland. Based on my experience, Ipriq is the best possible partner for these situations,” Lähde concludes.

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