Guarding the Glory: A Look at Champions League Trademarks

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 This Saturday (1 June 2024) marks one of the highlights for all football fans around the world. Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid will face off in Wembley Stadium in London and try to win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE title. Behind the pitch is a massive commercial operation that is protected with a huge portfolio of trademark registrations.

UEFA’s CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is the most prestigious football competition for club teams in the world. It is also big business, the final game is watched by hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The annual revenue around the competition exceeds €3 billion. The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is also one of the world’s most valuable sports brands, along with the Olympics, Formula One, FIFA World Cup, and Tour de France.


The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE competition and various brand elements relating to it have been protected with dozens of trademark registrations. Here are some of the many EU trademarks UEFA has registered to protect the intellectual property relating to the competition.

Name (word) CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. UEFA has 14 word mark registrations for CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. The registration include some variants like UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, WOMEN’S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, eCHAMPIONS LEAGUE for esports, and a defensive registration CHAMPS LEAGUE. 

Logos. UEFA has registered the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE logo with seven EU registrations. These include different variations, such as UEFA WOMEN’S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and eCHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

EU trademark

EU trademark

Other trademarks. UEFA has also registered the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trophy and the ball as trademarks. Both have been registered as 3D trademarks as well as figurative trademarks. UEFA also routinely registers the official logo of each year’s tournament.

EU trademark 008394371

EU trademark 009037078

EU trademark 018919987

In total, the number of trademarks that relate to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE competition is in several dozens just in the European Union.

Goods and services covered by CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trademarks

It is common for sports brand owners to protect their trademarks for a wide scope of goods and services, not just to their core business such as organising football competitions or motor racing events. 

Since sports brands are very well-known and highly valuable, many unaffiliated businesses try to take unfair advantage of them. Since trademark rights always relate to particular goods and services that are listed in the registration, it is important to protect the brand for those goods and services where abuse is likely to happen. 

For example, it is completely plausible that a street vendor could sell CHAMPIONS LEAGUE hotdogs or CHAMPIONS LEAGUE umbrellas outside the stadium. In most cases, this can most effectively be prevented by trademark registration that covers food and umbrellas.

The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trademark registrations cover naturally sporting events, but also a wide range of merchandise. For sporting and cultural events, clothing and apparel are obvious merchandise. In fact, it is common that sports brands derive a significant portion of their revenue from merchandise. For CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, sporting goods and equipment, like footballs and football boots, are naturally relevant. 

The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trademarks also cover less obvious merchandise products ranging from steel pipes and food preservatives to motor oil and frozen vegetables. They also cover a wide scope of services, ranging from dressmaking and underwater salvage to chimney sweeping and vehicle roadworthiness testing.

One aspect of protecting trademarks for a wide scope of goods and services is that when the registrations are more than five years old (three years in some countries), they can be cancelled for non-use. So if UEFA has not used the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trademark for motor oil or steel pipes in the last five years, the registration can be cancelled for those products. 

This is something that owners of famous brands must take into account when protecting and enforcing their trademarks. 

In many cases, the owners of famous brands can also rely on getting enhanced protection for their brand because it is “well-known” or has a “reputation”. You can read more about the protection given to well-known trademarks here.

 Global reach of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

Although the competition takes place in Europe, and the teams that are playing are European teams, the competition is followed globally. This also means that it is important to protect the trademark beyond Europe. The league is marketed and broadcasted globally, and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE merchandise is sold around the world.

UEFA has several international registrations for the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, covering major markets like the United States, China, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and many others.

Just like in the EU, the international registrations cover a wide scope of goods and services, not only sporting events and competitions.


UEFA’s CHAMPIONS LEAGUE generates more than €3 billion in revenue each year. Broadcasting rights are by far the biggest contributor to this gigantic pile of money, but several hundreds of millions are also generated through commercial partnerships. 

Having a robust trademark portfolio makes it possible for UEFA to license the valuable brand name and logo to be used by selected partners. If UEFA wants to license their CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trademark to Monsanto to be used for genes of seeds for agricultural production, they have the necessary trademark registration to do so. They also have the tools to go after somebody who wants to use the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trademark for unprocessed plastics without their consent.

Having a strong trademark portfolio enables UEFA to focus in orginising the best possible tournament and having the best possible partners to capture the value in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE brand.

Enjoy the game.


P.S. Here’s the list of goods and services covered by UEFA’s EU trademark registration 011509973 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE:

Class 1
Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; Manures; Fire extinguishing compositions; Tempering and soldering preparations; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Tanning substances; Adhesives used in industry; Acetate of cellulose, unprocessed; Acetates [chemicals]; Acetic anhydride; Acetone; Acetylene; Acetylene tetrachloride; Acid proof chemical compositions; Acids; Acidulated water for recharging batteries; Acrylic resins, unprocessed; Actinium; Activated carbons; Adhesive preparations for surgical bandages; Adhesives for billposting; Adhesives for industrial purposes; Adhesives for wall tiles; Adhesives for wallpaper; Agar-agar; Agglutinants for concrete; Agricultural chemicals, except fungicides, weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; Albumin [animal or vegetable, raw material]; Albuminized paper; Alcohol; Aldehydes; Alginates for industrial purposes; Alginates for the food industry; Alkalies; Alkaline-earth metals; Alkaline iodides for industrial purposes; Alkaline metals; Alkaloids; Alum; Alumina; Aluminium acetate; Aluminium alum; Aluminium chloride; Aluminium hydrate; Aluminium iodide; Aluminium silicate; Americium; Ammonia; Ammonia alum; Ammonia [volatile alkali] for industrial purposes; Ammoniacal salts; Ammonium aldehyde; Ammonium salts; Amyl acetate; Amyl alcohol; Anhydrides; Anhydrous ammonia; Animal albumen [raw material]; Animal carbon; Animal carbon preparations; Animal charcoal; Anti-boil preparations for engine coolants; Anti-frothing solutions for batteries; Anti-incrustants; Anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; Anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables; Anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; Antifreeze; Antimony; Antimony oxide; Antimony sulphide; Antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes; Antranilic acid; Argon; Arsenic; Arsenious acid; Artificial resins, unprocessed; Artificial sweeteners [chemical preparations]; Astatine; Auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives; Bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; Bacteriological preparations for acetification; Bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; Balm of gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] for making varnish; Barium; Barium compounds; Barium sulphate; Baryta; Baryta paper; Barytes; Bases [chemical preparations]; Basic gallate of bismuth; Bate for dressing skins; Bauxite; Beer-clarifying and preserving agents; Beer preserving agents; Bentonite; Benzene-based acids; Benzene derivatives; Benzoic acid; Benzoic sulphinide; Berkelium; Bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes; Bichloride of tin; Bichromate of potassium; Bichromate of soda; Biochemical catalysts; Biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Biological tissue cultures other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Birdlime; Bismuth; Bismuth nitrite for chemical purposes; Blood charcoal; Blueprint cloth; Blueprint paper; Bone charcoal; Borax; Boric acid for industrial purposes; Brake fluid; Brazing fluxes; Brazing preparations; Brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils; Bromine for chemical purposes; By-products of the processing of cereals for industrial purposes; Caesium; Calcined soda; Calcium carbide; Calcium salts; Californium; Camphor, for industrial purposes; Car body fillers; Carbide; Carbolineum for the protection of plants; Carbon; Carbon black for industrial purposes; Carbon for filters; Carbon sulphide; Carbon tetrachloride; Carbonates; Carbonic acid; Carbonic hydrates; Casein for industrial purposes; Casein for the food industry; Cassiopium [lutetium]; Catalysts; Catechu; Caustic alkali; Caustic soda for industrial purposes; Caustics for industrial purposes; Cellulose; Cellulose derivatives [chemicals]; Cellulose esters for industrial purposes; Cellulose ethers for industrial purposes; Cement for footwear; Cement for mending broken articles; Cement [metallurgy]; Cement preservatives, except paints and oils; Cement-waterproofing chemicals, except paints; Ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders]; Ceramic glazings; Ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as filtering media; Cerium; Chemical additives for oils; Chemical additives to drilling muds; Chemical additives to fungicides; Chemical additives to insecticides; Chemical additives to motor fuel; Chemical condensation preparations; Chemical intensifiers for paper; Chemical intensifiers for rubber; Chemical preparations, except pigments, for the manufacture of enamel; Chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; Chemical preparations for scientific purposes, other than for medical or veterinary use; Chemical preparations for smoking meat; Chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; Chemical preparations for use in photography; Chemical preparations to prevent mildew; Chemical preparations to prevent wheat smut; Chemical reagents, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Chemical substances for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; Chemicals for forestry, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; Chemicals used in fermenting wine; Chimney cleaners, chemical; Chlorates; Chlorides; Chlorine; Cholic acid; Chromates; Chrome alum; Chrome salts; Chromic acid; Chromic salts; Chromium oxide; Cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed; Citric acid for industrial purposes; Coal saving preparations; Cobalt oxide for industrial purposes; Collodion; Color-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes; Combusting preparations [chemical additives to motor fuel]; Compositions for repairing inner tubes of tires [tyres]; Compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records; Compositions for the manufacture of technical ceramics; Compositions for threading; Compost; Concrete-aeration chemicals; Concrete preservatives, except paints and oils; Condensation-preventing chemicals; Coolants for vehicle engines; Corrosive preparations; Cream of tartar for chemical purposes; Cream of tartar for industrial purposes; Cream of tartar for the food industry; Creosote for chemical purposes; Crotonic aldehyde; Cryogenic preparations; Cultures of microorganisms other than for medical and veterinary use; Curium; Currying preparations for leather; Currying preparations for skins; Cymene; Damp proofing preparations, except paints, for masonry; Decolorants for industrial purposes; Defoliants; Degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; Dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes; Detergent additives to gasoline; Detergents for use in manufacturing processes; Dextrine size; Diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Diastase for industrial purposes; Diatomaceous earth; Diazo paper; Disincrustants; Dispersions of plastics; Distilled water; Dolomite for industrial purposes; Dressing and finishing preparations for textiles; Drilling muds; Dry ice [carbon dioxide]; Dysprosium; Earth for growing; Electrophoresis gels, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Emollients for industrial purposes; Emulsifiers; Enamel and glass-staining-chemicals; Enamel-staining chemicals; Engine-decarbonising chemicals; Enzyme preparations for industrial purposes; Enzyme preparations for the food industry; Enzymes for industrial purposes; Enzymes for the food industry; Epoxy resins, unprocessed; Erbium; Esters; Ethane; Ethers; Ethyl alcohol; Ethyl ether; Europium; Expanded-clay for hydroponic plant growing [substrate]; Fat-bleaching chemicals; Fatty acids; Ferments for chemical purposes; Fermium; Ferrocyanides; Ferrotype plates [photography]; Fertilizers; Fertilizing preparations; Filtering materials [chemical preparations]; Filtering materials [mineral substances]; Filtering materials [unprocessed plastics]; Filtering materials [vegetable substances]; Filtering preparations for the beverages industry; Finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel; Fire extinguishing compositions; Fireproofing preparations; Fish meal fertilizers; Fissionable chemical elements; Fissionable material for nuclear energy; Fixing baths [photography]; Fixing solutions [photography]; Flashlight preparations; Flocculants; Flour for industrial purposes; Flower preservatives; Flowers of sulphur for chemical purposes; Fluids for hydraulic circuits; Fluorine; Fluorspar compounds; Formic acid; Formic aldehyde for chemical purposes; Foundry binding substances; Foundry molding preparations; Foundry sand; Francium; Fuel for atomic piles; Fuel-saving preparations; Fuller’s earth for use in textile industry; Fulling preparations; Fulling preparations for use in textile industry; Gadolinium; Gallic acid for the manufacture of ink; Gallium; Gallnuts; Gallotannic acid; Galvanizing baths; Galvanizing preparations; Gambier; Gas propellents for aerosols; Gas purifying preparations; Gelatine for industrial purposes; Gelatine for photographic purposes; Genes of seeds for agricultural production; Getters [chemically active substances]; Glass frosting chemicals; Glass-staining chemicals; Glaziers’ putty; Glucose for industrial purposes; Glucose for the food industry; Glucosides; Glue for industrial purposes; Gluten for industrial purposes; Gluten for the food industry; Gluten [glue], other than for stationery or household purposes; Glutinous tree-banding preparations; Glycerides; Glycerine for industrial purposes; Glycol; Glycol ether; Gold salts; Grafting mastic for trees; Grafting wax for trees; Graphite for industrial purposes; Guano; Gum arabic for industrial purposes; Gum solvents; Gums [adhesives], other than for stationery or household purposes; Heavy water; Helium; Holmium; Hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit; Horticulture chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; Humus; Humus top dressing; Hydrates; Hydrazine; Hydrochlorates; Hydrochloric acid; Hydrofluoric acid; Hydrogen; Hydrogen peroxide; Hypochlorite of soda; Hyposulphites; Industrial chemicals; Iodic acid; Iodine for chemical purposes; Iodine for industrial purposes; Iodised albumen; Iodised salts; Ion exchangers [chemicals]; Iron salts; Isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes; Isotopes for industrial purposes; Kainite; Kaolin; Ketones; Kieselgur; Krypton; Lactic acid; Lactose for industrial purposes; Lactose for the food industry; Lactose [raw material]; Lamp black for industrial purposes; Lanthanum; Lead acetate; Lead arsenate; Lead oxide; Leather-dressing chemicals; Leather glues; Leather-impregnating chemicals; Leather-renovating chemicals; Leather-waterproofing chemicals; Lecithin for industrial purposes; Lecithin for the food industry; Lecithin [raw material]; Lime acetate; Lime carbonate; Lime chloride; Limestone hardening substances; Liquids for removing sulphates from batteries; Lithia [lithium oxide]; Lithium; Litmus paper; Loam; Magnesite; Magnesium carbonate; Magnesium chloride; Magnetic fluid for industrial purposes; Malt albumen; Manganate; Manganese dioxide; Mangrove bark for industrial purposes; Masonry preservatives, except paints and oils; Mastic for leather; Mastic for tires; Meat tenderizers for industrial purposes; Mercuric oxide; Mercury; Mercury salts; Metal annealing preparations; Metal earths; Metal hardening preparations; Metalloids; Methane; Methyl benzene; Methyl benzol; Methyl ether; Milk ferments for chemical purposes; Milk ferments for industrial purposes; Milk ferments for the food industry; Mineral acids; Moderating materials for nuclear reactors; Mold-release preparations; Mordants for metals; Must-fining preparation; Naphthalene; Neodymium; Neon; Neptunium; Nitrate of uranium; Nitrate paper; Nitrates; Nitric acid; Nitrogen; Nitrogenous fertilisers; Nitrogenous lime [manure]; Nitrous oxide; Oil-bleaching chemicals; Oil cement [putty]; Oil dispersants; Oil-purifying chemicals; Oil-separating chemicals; Oils for currying leather; Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; Oils for tanning leather; Oils for the preservation of food; Oleic acid; Olivine [chemical preparations]; Opacifiers for enamel; Opacifiers for enamel or glass; Opacifiers for glass; Organic-bleaching chemicals; Oxalates; Oxalic acid; Oxygen; Palladious chlorides; Paper pulp; Peat [fertiliser]; Peat pots for horticulture; Pectin for industrial purposes; Pectin for the food industry; Pectin [photography]; Perborate of soda; Percarbonates; Perchlorates; Persulphates; Persulphuric acid; Petroleum dispersants; Phenol for industrial purposes; Phosphates [fertilisers]; Phosphatides; Phosphoric acid; Phosphorus; Photographic developers; Photographic emulsions; Photographic paper; Photographic sensitizers; Photometric paper; Photosensitive plates; Picric acid; Plant growth regulating preparations; Plasticizers; Plastics, unprocessed; Plastisols; Plutonium; Polish removing substances; Polonium; Potash; Potash water; Potassium; Potassium dioxalate; Potato flour for industrial purposes; Power steering fluid; Praseodymium; Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of lenses; Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of glass; Preparations for stimulating cooking for industrial purposes; Preparations for the separation of greases; Preparations of the distillation of wood alcohol; Preparations of trace elements for plants; Preservatives for pharmaceutical preparations; Preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils; Promethium; Protactinium; Protective gases for welding; Protein [raw material]; Prussiates; Purification preparations; Pyrogallic acid; Pyroligneous acid [wood vinegar]; Quebracho for industrial purposes; Radiator flushing chemicals; Radioactive elements for scientific purposes; Radium for scientific purposes; Radon; Rare earths; Reagent paper, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Reducing agents for use in photography; Refrigerants; Renovating preparations for phonograph records; Rhenium; Rock salt; Rubber preservatives; Rubidium; Saccharin; Sal ammoniac; Salicylic acid; Salpetre; Salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs; Salt, raw; Salts [chemical preparations]; Salts [fertilisers]; Salts for coloring metal; Salts for galvanic cells; Salts for industrial purposes; Salts from rare earth metals; Salts of alkaline metals; Salts of precious metals for industrial purposes; Samarium; Sauce for preparing tobacco; Scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes; Scandium; Sea water for industrial purposes; Seaweeds [fertilizers]; Sebacic acid; Seed preserving substances; Selenium; Self-toning paper [photography]; Sensitized cloth for photography; Sensitized films, unexposed; Sensitized paper; Sensitized photographic plates; Sensitized plates for offset printing; Silicates; Silicon; Silicones; Silver nitrate; Silver salt solutions for silvering; Size for finishing and priming; Sizing preparations; Slag [fertilisers]; Soap [metallic] for industrial purposes; Soda ash; Sodium; Sodium salts [chemical preparations]; Soil conditioning preparations; Soldering fluxes; Solidified gases for industrial purposes; Solutions for cyanotyping; Solvents for varnishes; Soot for industrial or agricultural purposes; Sorrel salt; Spinel [chemical preparations]; Spirits of salt; Spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]; Stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; Starch for industrial purposes; Starch-liquifying chemicals [ungluing agents]; Starch paste [adhesive], other than for stationery or household purposes; Stearic acid; Stem cells other than for medical or veterinary purposes; Strontium; Substances for preventing runs in stockings; Substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]; Sulphates; Sulphides; Sulphonic acids; Sulphur; Sulphuric acid; Sulphuric ether; Sulphurous acid; Sumac for use in tanning; Superphosphates [fertilisers]; Synthetic materials for absorbing oil; Synthetic resins, unprocessed; Talc [magnesium silicate]; Tan; Tan wood; Tannic acid; Tannin; Tanning substances; Tapioca flour for industrial purposes; Tartar other than for pharmaceutical purposes; Tartaric acid; Technetium; Tellurium; Tensio-active agents; Terbium; Test paper, chemical; Tetrachlorides; Textile-brightening chemicals; Textile-impregnating chemicals; Textile-waterproofing chemicals; Thallium; Thiocarbanilide; Thorium; Thulium; Tire repairing compositions; Titanite; Titanium dioxide for industrial purposes; Toluol; Toning baths [photography]; Toning salts [photography]; Toxic gas neutralizers; Tragacanth gum for use in manufactures; Transmission fluid; Tree cavity fillers [forestry]; Tungstic acid; Ungluing preparations; Uranium; Uranium oxide; Vine disease preventing chemicals; Vinic alcohol; Viscose; Vitriol; Vulcanisation accelerators; Vulcanising preparations; Wallpaper removing preparations; Water glass [soluble glass]; Water purifying chemicals; Water softening preparations; Wax-bleaching chemicals; Welding chemicals; Wetting preparations for use in bleaching; Wetting preparations for use in dyeing; Wetting preparations for use in the textile industry; Wine finings; Witherite; Wood alcohol; Wood pulp; X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed; Xenon; Ytterbium; Yttrium; Zirconia.

Class 3
Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Soaps; Perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; Dentifrices; Abrasive paper; Abrasives; Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; Adhesives for affixing false hair; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; After-shave lotions; Air fragrancing preparations; Almond milk for cosmetic purposes; Almond oil; Almond soap; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Alum stones [astringents]; Amber [perfume]; Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]; Antiperspirant soap; Antiperspirants [toiletries]; Antistatic preparations for household purposes; Aromatics [essential oils]; Astringents for cosmetic purposes; Badian essence; Balms other than for medical purposes; Bases for flower perfumes; Bath salts, not for medical purposes; Beard dyes; Beauty masks; Bergamot oil; Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes; Bleaching salts; Bleaching soda; Breath freshening sprays; Breath freshening strips; Cake flavourings [essential oils]; Cakes of soap; Canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; Carbides of metal [abrasives]; Cleaning chalk; Cleaning preparations; Cleansing milk for toilet purposes; Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; Cobblers’ wax; Color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; Color-removing preparations; Colorants for toilet purposes; Corundum [abrasive]; Cosmetic creams; Cosmetic dyes; Cosmetic kits; Cosmetic pencils; Cosmetic preparations for baths; Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Cosmetics; Cosmetics for animals; Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes; Dental bleaching gels; Dentifrices; Denture polishes; Deodorant soap; Deodorants for human beings or for animals; Deodorants for pets; Depilatories; Depilatory wax; Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; Diamantine [abrasive]; Disinfectant soap; Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; Dry-cleaning preparations; Dry shampoos; Drying agents for dishwashing machines; Eau de Cologne; Emery; Emery cloth; Emery paper; Essential oils of cedarwood; Essential oils of citron; Essential oils of lemon; Ethereal essences; Ethereal oils; Extracts of flowers [perfumes]; Eyebrow cosmetics; Eyebrow pencils; Fabric softeners for laundry use; False eyelashes; False nails; Flavorings for beverages [essential oils]; Floor wax; Floor wax removers [scouring preparations]; Fumigation preparations [perfumes]; Furbishing preparations; Gaultheria oil; Geraniol; Glass cloth; Greases for cosmetic purposes; Grinding preparations; Hair dyes; Hair lotions; Hair spray; Hair waving preparations; Heliotropine; Henna [cosmetic dye]; Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; Incense; Ionone [perfumery]; Jasmine oil; Javelle water; Joss sticks; Lacquer-removing preparations; Laundry bleach; Laundry blueing; Laundry glaze; Laundry preparations; Laundry soaking preparations; Laundry starch; Laundry wax; Lavender oil; Lavender water; Leather bleaching preparations; Leather preservatives [polishes]; Lip glosses; Lipsticks; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Make-up; Make-up powder; Make-up preparations; Make-up removing preparations; Mascara; Massage gels other than for medical purposes; Medicated soap; Mint essence [essential oil]; Mint for perfumery; Mouth washes, not for medical purposes; Musk [perfumery]; Mustache wax; Nail art stickers; Nail care preparations; Nail polish; Neutralizers for permanent waving; Non-slipping liquids for floors; Non-slipping wax for floors; Oil of turpentine for degreasing; Oils for cleaning purposes; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Oils for perfumes and scents; Oils for toilet purposes; Paint stripping preparations; Pastes for razor strops; Perfumery; Perfumes; Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; Polish for furniture and flooring; Polishing creams; Polishing paper; Polishing preparations; Polishing rouge; Polishing stones; Polishing wax; Pomades for cosmetic purposes; Potpourris [fragrances]; Preparations for cleaning dentures; Preparations for unblocking drain pipes; Preparations to make shiny the leaves of plants; Pumice stone; Quillaia bark for washing; Rose oil; Rust removing preparations; Sachets for perfuming linen; Safrol; Sandcloth; Sandpaper; Scale removing preparations for household purposes; Scented water; Scented wood; Scouring solutions; Shampoos; Shampoos for pets; Shaving preparations; Shaving soap; Shaving stones [astringents]; Shining preparations [polish]; Shoe cream; Shoe polish; Shoe wax; Shoemakers’ wax; Silicon carbide [abrasive]; Skin whitening creams; Smoothing preparations [starching]; Smoothing stones; Soap; Soap for brightening textile; Soap for foot perspiration; Soda lye; Stain removers; Starch glaze for laundry purposes; Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; Sunscreen preparations; Tailors’ wax; Talcum powder, for toilet use; Terpenes [essential oils]; Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Toilet water; Toiletries; Tripoli stone for polishing; Turpentine, for degreasing; Varnish-removing preparations; Volcanic ash for cleaning; Wallpaper cleaning preparations; Washing soda, for cleaning; Waxes for leather; Whiting; Windscreen cleaning liquids.

Class 4
Industrial oils and greases; Lubricants; Dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; Fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants; Candles and wicks for lighting; Additives, non-chemical, to motor fuel; Alcohol [fuel]; Anthracite; Beeswax; Belting wax; Benzene; Benzol; Blocks of peat [fuel]; Bone oil for industrial purposes; Carburants; Carnauba wax; Castor oil for technical purposes; Ceresine; Charcoal [fuel]; Christmas tree candles; Coal; Coal briquettes; Coal dust [fuel]; Coal naphtha; Coal tar oil; Coke; Combustible briquettes; Cutting fluids; Dust binding compositions for sweeping; Dust laying compositions; Dust removing preparations; Electrical energy; Ethanol [fuel]; Firelighters; Firewood; Fish oil, not edible; Fuel; Fuel gas; Fuel oil; Fuel with an alcoholic base; Gas for lighting; Gas oil; Gasoline; Grease for arms [weapons]; Grease for belts; Grease for boots; Grease for leather; Illuminating grease; Illuminating wax; Industrial grease; Industrial oil; Industrial wax; Kerosene; Lamp wicks; Lanolin; Lighting fuel; Lignite; Ligroin; Lubricants; Lubricating graphite; Lubricating grease; Lubricating oil; Mazut; Methylated spirit; Mineral fuel; Moistening oil; Motor oil; Naphtha; Nightlights [candles]; Non-slipping preparations for belts; Oil for the preservation of leather; Oil for the preservation of masonry; Oil-gas; Oils for paints; Oils for releasing form work [building]; Oleine; Ozocerite [ozokerite]; Paper spills for lighting; Paraffin; Peat [fuel]; Perfumed candles; Petrol; Petroleum ether; Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; Petroleum, raw or refined; Preservatives for leather [oils and greases]; Producer gas; Rape oil for industrial purposes; Solidified gas [fuel]; Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; Stearine; Sunflower oil for industrial purposes; Tallow; Tapers; Textile oil; Tinder; Vaporized fuel mixtures; Wax [raw material]; Wicks for candles; Wood briquettes; Wood spills for lighting; Xylene; Xylol.

Class 6
Common metals and their alloys; Metal building materials; Transportable buildings of metal; Materials of metal for railway tracks; Non-electric cables and wires of common metal; Ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; Pipes and tubes of metal; Safes; Goods of common metal not included in other classes; Ores; Advertisement columns of metal; Alloys of common metal; Aluminium; Aluminium foil; Aluminium wire; Anchors; Angle irons; Anti-friction metal; Anvils; Anvils [portable]; Arbours [structures of metal]; Armour plate; Armour plating; Aviaries of metal [structures]; Badges of metal for vehicles; Balls of steel; Barbed wire; Barrel hoops of metal; Barrels of metal; Bars for metal railings; Baskets of metal; Beacons of metal, non-luminous; Beak-irons [bick-irons]; Bed casters of metal; Bells; Bells for animals; Belt stretchers of metal; Belts of metal for handling loads; Beryllium [glucinium]; Bicycle parking installations of metal; Binding screws of metal for cables; Binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; Bindings of metal; Bins of metal; Bird baths [structures of metal]; Blooms [metallurgy]; Bolts, flat; Bolts of metal; Bottle caps of metal; Bottle closures of metal; Bottles [metal containers] for compressed gas or liquid air; Box fasteners of metal; Boxes of common metal; Braces of metal for load handling; Brackets of metal for building; Brads; Branching pipes of metal; Brass, unwrought or semi-wrought; Brazing alloys; Bronze; Bronzes for tombstones; Bronzes [works of art]; Broom handles of metal; Buckles of common metal [hardware]; Building boards of metal; Building materials of metal; Building or furniture fittings of nickel-silver; Buildings of metal; Buildings, transportable, of metal; Bungs of metal; Busts of common metal; Cabanas of metal; Cable joints of metal, non-electric; Cables of metal, non-electric; Cadmium; Casement windows of metal; Cashboxes of metal; Casings of metal for oilwells; Cask stands of metal; Casks of metal; Cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; Cast steel; Cattle chains; Ceilings of metal; Celtium [hafnium]; Cermets; Chains of metal; Chicken-houses, of metal; Chill-molds [foundry]; Chimney cowls of metal; Chimney pots of metal; Chimney shafts of metal; Chimneys of metal; Chrome iron; Chrome ores; Chromium; Cladding of metal for construction and building; Clips of metal for cables and pipes; Clips of metal for pipes; Closures of metal for containers; Clothes hooks of metal; Cobalt, raw; Common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; Containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; Containers of metal for liquid fuel; Containers of metal for storing acids; Containers of metal [storage, transport]; Copper rings; Copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; Copper wire, not insulated; Cornices of metal; Cotter pins of metal; Couplings of metal for chains; Crampons [climbing irons]; Crampons of metal [cramps]; Crash barriers of metal for roads; Diving boards of metal; Door bells of metal, non-electric; Door bolts of metal; Door closers, non-electric; Door fittings, of metal; Door frames of metal; Door handles of metal; Door knockers of metal; Door openers, non-electric; Door panels of metal; Door scrapers; Door stops of metal; Doors of metal; Drain pipes of metal; Drain traps [valves] of metal; Duckboards of metal; Ducts of metal, for central heating installations; Ducts of metal for ventilating and air conditioning installations; Elbows of metal for pipes; Enclosures of metal for tombs; Eye bolts; Fences of metal; Ferrotitanium; Ferrules of metal; Ferrules of metal for handles; Ferrules of metal for walking sticks; Filings of metal; Firedogs [andirons]; Fish plates [rails]; Fittings of metal for beds; Fittings of metal for building; Fittings of metal for coffins; Fittings of metal for compressed air ducts; Fittings of metal for furniture; Fittings of metal for windows; Flanges of metal [collars]; Flashing of metal, for building; Floating containers of metal; Floating docks of metal, for mooring boats; Floor tiles, of metal; Floors of metal; Foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; Foundry molds [moulds] of metal; Frames of metal for building; Framework of metal for building; Furnace fireguards; Furnace screens; Furniture casters of metal; Galena [ore]; Gates of metal; German silver; Germanium; Girders of metal; Gold solder; Grease nipples; Greenhouse frames of metal; Greenhouses of metal, transportable; Grilles of metal; Guard rails of metal; Gutter pipes of metal; Handcuffs; Handling pallets of metal; Hinges of metal; Hooks for slate [metal hardware]; Hooks [metal hardware]; Hooks of metal for clothes rails; Hoop iron; Hoop steel; Hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; Horseshoe nails; House numbers of metal, non-luminous; Ice moulds of metal; Identification bracelets of metal, for hospitals; Identity plates of metal; Indium; Ingots of common metal; Insect screens of metal; Iron ores; Iron slabs; Iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; Iron wire; Ironmongery; Ironwork for doors; Ironwork for windows; Jalousies of metal; Jets of metal; Joists of metal; Junctions of metal for pipes; Keys; Knife handles of metal; Knobs of metal; Ladders of metal; Latch bars of metal; Latches of metal; Laths of metal; Lead seals; Lead, unwrought or semi-wrought; Letter boxes of metal; Letters and numerals of common metal, except type; Limonite; Lintels of metal; Loading gauge rods, of metal, for railway wagons; Loading pallets, of metal; Lock bolts; Locks of metal for bags; Locks of metal for vehicles; Locks of metal, other than electric; Machine belt fasteners of metal; Magnesium; Manganese; Manhole covers of metal; Manifolds of metal for pipelines; Masts of metal; Materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways; Meat safes of metal; Memorial plates of metal; Metal cages for wild animals; Metals in powder form; Mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers; Moldings of metal for cornices; Molybdenum; Molybdenum iron; Monuments of metal; Monuments of metal for tombs; Mooring bollards of metal; Mooring buoys of metal; Nails; Nickel; Nickel-silver; Niobium; Nozzles of metal; Numberplates, of metal; Nuts of metal; Ores of metal; Outdoor blinds of metal; Packaging containers of metal; Padlocks; Paint spraying booths, of metal; Palings of metal; Partitions of metal; Paving blocks of metal; Pegs of metal; Penstock pipes of metal; Pigsties of metal; Pilings of metal; Pillars of metal for buildings; Pins [hardware]; Pipe muffs of metal; Pipes of metal; Pipework of metal; Pitons of metal [mountaineering equipment]; Platforms, prefabricated, of metal; Poles of metal; Porches of metal [building]; Posts of metal; Posts of metal for electric lines; Pot hooks of metal; Prefabricated houses [kits] of metal; Props of metal; Pulleys of metal, other than for machines; Pyrophoric metals; Railroad ties of metal; Rails of metal; Railway material of metal; Railway points; Reels of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Refractory construction materials of metal; Reinforcing materials of metal for building; Reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; Reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; Reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; Rings of common metal for keys; Rings of metal; Rivets of metal; Rocket launching platforms of metal; Rods of metal for brazing; Rods of metal for brazing and welding; Rods of metal for welding; Roller blinds of steel; Roof coverings of metal; Roof flashing of metal; Roof gutters of metal; Roofing of metal; Rope thimbles of metal; Ropes of metal; Runners of metal for sliding doors; Safes [strong boxes]; Safety cashboxes; Safety chains of metal; Sash pulleys; Scaffolding of metal; Screw tops of metal for bottles; Screws of metal; Scythe handles of metal; Sealing caps of metal; Sheaf binders of metal; Sheets and plates of metal; Shims; Shuttering of metal for concrete; Shutters of metal; Signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Signboards of metal; Signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal, for roads; Signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Silicon iron; Sills of metal; Silos of metal; Silver plated tin alloy; Silver solder; Skating rinks [structures of metal]; Sleeves [metal hardware]; Slings of metal for handling loads; Soldering wire of metal; Spring locks; Springs [metal hardware]; Spurs; Stables of metal; Stair treads [steps] of metal; Staircases of metal; Statues of common metal; Statuettes of common metal; Steel alloys; Steel buildings; Steel masts; Steel pipes; Steel sheets; Steel, unwrought or semi-wrought; Steel wire; Steps [ladders] of metal; Stops of metal; Strap-hinges of metal; Street gutters of metal; Stretchers for iron bands [tension links]; Stretchers for metal bands [tension links]; Stringers [parts of staircases] of metal; Swimming pools [metal structures]; Tanks of metal; Tantalum [metal]; Taps for casks, of metal; Telegraph posts of metal; Telephone boxes of metal; Telpher cables; Tension links; Tent pegs of metal; Thread of metal for tying-up purposes; Tie plates; Tile floorings of metal; Tiles of metal; Tiles of metal for building; Tin; Tin cans; Tinfoil; Tinplate; Tinplate packings; Titanium; Tomb slabs of metal; Tombac; Tombs of metal; Tombstone plaques of metal; Tombstone stelae of metal; Tool boxes of metal, empty; Tool chests of metal, empty; Tool handles of metal; Towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; Transport pallets of metal; Traps for wild animals; Trays of metal; Tree protectors of metal; Trellis of metal; Troughs of metal for mixing mortar; Tubbing of metal; Tungsten; Tungsten iron; Turnstiles of metal; Turntables [railways]; Valves of metal, other than parts of machines; Vanadium; Vats of metal; Vaults of metal [burial]; Vice benches of metal; Vice claws of metal; Wainscotting of metal; Wall claddings of metal [building]; Wall linings of metal [building]; Wall plugs of metal; Washers of metal; Water-pipe valves of metal; Water-pipes of metal; Wheel clamps [boots]; White metal; Wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; Wind vanes of metal; Winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Window casement bolts; Window fasteners of metal; Window frames of metal; Window stops of metal; Windows of metal; Wire cloth; Wire of common metal; Wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire; Wire rope; Wire stretchers [tension links]; Works of art of common metal; Wrapping or binding bands of metal; Zinc; Zirconium.

Class 12
Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes; Aerial conveyors; Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; Aeroplanes; Air bags [safety devices for automobiles]; Air balloons; Air cushion vehicles; Air pumps [vehicle accessories]; Air vehicles; Aircraft; Airships; Ambulances; Amphibious airplanes; Anti-glare devices for vehicles; Anti-skid chains; Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Anti-theft devices for vehicles; Automobile bodies; Automobile chains; Automobile chassis; Automobile hoods; Automobile tires [tyres]; Automobiles; Axle journals; Axles for vehicles; Balance weights for vehicle wheels; Bands for wheel hubs; Barges; Baskets adapted for cycles; Bicycle stands; Boat hooks; Boats; Bodies for vehicles; Bogies for railway cars; Brake discs for vehicles; Brake linings for vehicles; Brake pads for automobiles; Brake segments for vehicles; Brake shoes for vehicles; Brakes for vehicles; Buffers for railway rolling stock; Bumpers for automobiles; Cable cars; Cable transport apparatus and installations; Caissons [vehicles]; Caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks; Caravans; Carriages [railways]; Carrier tricycles; Cars; Cars for cable transport installations; Carts; Casings for pneumatic tires [tyres]; Casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (Am)]; Chairlifts; Cigar lighters for automobiles; Cleaning trolleys; Cleats [nautical]; Clutches for land vehicles; Concrete mixing vehicles; Connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; Couplings for land vehicles; Covers for vehicle steering wheels; Crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines; Cranks for cycles; Cycle bells; Cycle brakes; Cycle cars; Cycle chains; Cycle frames; Cycle handle bars; Cycle hubs; Cycle mudguards; Cycle pumps; Cycle rims; Cycle saddles; Cycle spokes; Cycle stands; Cycles; Davits for boats; Dining cars; Dining cars [carriages]; Direction indicators for bicycles; Disengaging gear for boats; Doors for vehicles; Dredgers [boats]; Dress guards for bicycles, cycles; Driving chains for land vehicles; Driving motors for land vehicles; Ejector seats for aircraft; Electric vehicles; Fenders for ships; Ferry boats; Flanges of railway wheel tires; Fork lift trucks; Freewheels for land vehicles; Funiculars; Funnels for locomotives; Funnels for ships; Gear boxes for land vehicles; Gearing for land vehicles; Gears for cycles; Golf carts; Handling carts; Head-rests for vehicle seats; Headlight wipers; Hoods for vehicle engines; Hoods for vehicles; Horns for vehicles; Hose carts; Hub caps; Hydraulic circuits for vehicles; Hydroplanes; Inclined ways for boats; Inner tubes for bicycles, cycles; Inner tubes for pneumatic tires [tyres]; Jet engines for land vehicles; Kick sledges; Ladle cars; Launches; Locomotives; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Luggage nets for vehicles; Masts for boats; Military vehicles for transport; Mine cart wheels; Mopeds; Motor buses; Motor coaches; Motor homes; Motorcycles; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Motors for cycles; Motors for land vehicles; Mudguards; Non-skid devices for vehicle tires; Oarlocks; Oars; Omnibuses; Paddles for canoes; Panniers adapted for cycles; Parachutes; Pedals for cycles; Pontoons; Portholes; Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; Pushchair covers; Pushchair hoods; Railway couplings; Rearview mirrors; Reduction gears for land vehicles; Refrigerated vehicles; Refrigerated wagons [railroad vehicles]; Remote control vehicles, other than toys; Repair outfits for inner tubes; Reversing alarms for vehicles; Rolling stock for funicular railways; Rolling stock for railways; Rudders; Sack-barrows; Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles; Saddlebags adapted for bicycles; Saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles; Safety belts for vehicle seats; Safety seats for children, for vehicles; Scooters [vehicles]; Screw-propellers; Screw-propellers for boats; Screws [propellers] for ships; Sculls; Seaplanes; Seat covers for vehicles; Security harness for vehicle seats; Ships; Ships’ hulls; Ships’ steering gears; Shock absorbers for automobiles; Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; Shopping trolleys [carts (Am)]; Side cars; Ski carriers for cars; Ski lifts; Sleeping berths for vehicles; Sleeping cars; Sleighs [vehicles]; Snowmobiles; Space vehicles; Spare tire covers; Spars for ships; Spoilers for vehicles; Spoke clips for wheels; Sports cars; Sprinkling trucks; Steering wheels for vehicles; Strollers; Studs for tires [tyres]; Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Tailboard lifts [parts of land vehicles]; Tilt trucks; Tilting-carts; Timbers [frames] for ships; Tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons; Tipping bodies for lorries [trucks]; Tires for bicycles, cycles; Tires for vehicle wheels; Tires, solid, for vehicle wheels; Torque converters for land vehicles; Torsion bars for vehicles; Traction engines; Tractors; Trailer hitches for vehicles; Trailers [vehicles]; Tramcars; Transmission chains for land vehicles; Transmission shafts for land vehicles; Transmissions, for land vehicles; Treads for retreading tires [tyres]; Treads for vehicles [roller belts]; Tricycles; Trolleys; Trucks; Tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles; Turbines for land vehicles; Turn signals for vehicles; Undercarriages for vehicles; Upholstery for vehicles; Valves for vehicle tires [tyres]; Vans [vehicles]; Vehicle bumpers; Vehicle chassis; Vehicle covers [shaped]; Vehicle running boards; Vehicle seats; Vehicle suspension springs; Vehicle wheel hubs; Vehicle wheel rims; Vehicle wheel spokes; Vehicle wheel tires [tyres]; Vehicle wheels; Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; Waggons; Water vehicles; Wheelbarrows; Wheelchairs; Wheels for bicycles, cycles; Windows for vehicles; Windscreen wipers; Windscreens; Yachts.

Class 20
Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; Goods (not included in other classes) of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials, or of plastics; Air cushions, not for medical purposes; Air mattresses, not for medical purposes; Air pillows, not for medical purposes; Ambroid bars; Ambroid plates; Animal claws; Animal hooves; Animal horns; Armchairs; Baby changing mats; Baby changing platforms; Bakers’ bread baskets; Bamboo; Bamboo curtains; Barrels, not of metal; Baskets, not of metal; Bead curtains for decoration; Bed casters, not of metal; Bed fittings, not of metal; Bedding, except linen; Beds; Beds for household pets; Bedsteads of wood; Beehives; Benches [furniture]; Bins, not of metal; Bins of wood or plastic; Bolsters; Bolts, not of metal; Book rests [furniture]; Bottle caps, not of metal; Bottle casings of wood; Bottle closures, not of metal; Bottle racks; Broom handles, not of metal; Brush mountings; Bungs, not of metal; Busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Cabinet work; Cable clips, not of metal; Cable or pipe clips of plastics; Carts for computers [furniture]; Cask hoops, not of metal; Cask stands, not of metal; Casks, not of metal; Casks of wood for decanting wine; Chests for toys; Chests of drawers; Chopping blocks [tables]; Closures, not of metal, for containers; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Coat hangers; Coathooks, not of metal; Coatstands; Coffin fittings, not of metal; Coffins; Comb foundations for beehives; Containers, not of metal, for liquid fuel; Containers, not of metal [storage, transport]; Coral; Corks; Corks for bottles; Corozo; Costume stands; Cots; Counters [tables]; Covers for clothing [wardrobe]; Crates; Cupboards; Curtain holders, not of textile material; Curtain hooks; Curtain rails; Curtain rings; Curtain rods; Curtain rollers; Curtain tie-backs; Cushions; Deck chairs; Decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; Desks; Dinner wagons [furniture]; Display boards; Display stands; Divans; Dog kennels; Door bells, not of metal, non-electric; Door bolts not of metal; Door fittings, not of metal; Door handles, not of metal; Door knockers, not of metal; Doors for furniture; Dowels, not of metal; Drain traps [valves] of plastic; Draughtman’s tables; Dressing tables; Easy chairs; Edgings of plastic for furniture; Embroidery frames; Fans for personal use, non-electric; Filing cabinets; Fireguards; Fishing baskets; Flagpoles; Floating containers, not of metal; Flower-pot pedestals; Flower-stands [furniture]; Fodder racks; Freestanding partitions [furniture]; Funerary urns; Furniture; Furniture casters, not of metal; Furniture fittings, not of metal; Furniture of metal; Furniture partitions of wood; Furniture shelves; Garment covers [storage]; Gun racks; Hairdressers’ chairs; Hampers [baskets]; Hand-held mirrors [toilet mirrors]; Handling pallets, not of metal; Hat stands; Head-rests [furniture]; High chairs for babies; Hinges, not of metal; Honeycombs; Horn, unworked or semi-worked; Hospital beds; House numbers, not of metal, non-luminous; Identification bracelets, not of metal, for hospitals; Index cabinets [furniture]; Indoor window shades [furniture]; Infant walkers; Inflatable publicity objects; Interior textile window blinds; Ivory, unworked or semi-worked; Kennels for household pets; Keyboards for hanging keys; Knife handles, not of metal; Knobs, not of metal; Ladders of wood or plastics; Latches, not of metal; Lecterns; Letter boxes, not of metal or masonry; Library shelves; Loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway waggons [wagons]; Loading pallets, not of metal; Lockers; Locks, not of metal, for vehicles; Locks, other than electric, not of metal; Magazine racks; Mannequins; Massage tables; Mats for infant playpens; Mats, removable, for sinks; Mattresses; Meat chests, not of metal; Medicine cabinets; Meerschaum; Mirror tiles; Mirrors [looking glasses]; Mobile boarding stairs, not of metal, for passengers; Mobiles [decoration]; Moldings for picture frames; Mooring buoys, not of metal; Mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked; Nameplates, not of metal; Nesting boxes; Nesting boxes for household pets; Newspaper display stands; Numberplates, not of metal; Nuts, not of metal; Office furniture; Oyster shells; Packaging containers of plastic; Paper blinds; Pet cushions; Picture frame brackets; Picture frames; Pillows; Placards of wood or plastics; Plaited straw, except matting; Plastic key cards, not encoded; Plate racks; Playpens for babies; Poles, not of metal; Pulleys of plastics for blinds; Racks [furniture]; Rattan; Reeds [plaiting materials]; Reels, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord; Rivets, not of metal; Saw horses; School furniture; Scratching posts for cats; Screens [furniture]; Screw tops, not of metal, for bottles; Screws, not of metal; Scythe handles, not of metal; Seats; Seats of metal; Sections of wood for beehives; Settees; Shells; Shelves for filing-cabinets [furniture]; Shelves for storage; Shoulder poles [yokes]; Showcases [furniture]; Sideboards; Signboards of wood or plastics; Silvered glass [mirrors]; Slatted indoor blinds; Sleeping bags for camping; Sofas; Spring mattresses; Stag antlers; Stair rods; Stakes for plants or trees; Standing desks; Stands for calculating machines; Statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Statuettes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Staves of wood; Steps [ladders], not of metal; Stools; Stoppers, not of metal; Straw edgings; Straw mattress; Straw plaits; Stuffed animals; Stuffed birds; Table tops; Tables; Tables of metal; Tanks, not of metal nor of masonry; Taps for casks, not of metal; Tea carts; Tent pegs, not of metal; Tool handles, not of metal; Tortoiseshell; Tortoiseshell imitation; Towel closets [furniture]; Towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal; Transport pallets, not of metal; Trays, not of metal; Trestles [furniture]; Trolleys [furniture]; Troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; Typing desks; Umbrella stands; Valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; Vats, not of metal; Vice benches, not of metal; Wall plugs, not of metal; Washstands [furniture]; Water beds, not for medical purposes; Water-pipe valves of plastic; Wax figurines; Whalebone, unworked or semi-worked; Wickerwork; Wind chimes [decoration]; Winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Window fittings, not of metal; Wood ribbon; Work benches; Works of art, of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Woven timber blinds [furniture]; Writing desks; Yellow amber.

Class 29
Meat, fish, poultry and game; Meat extracts; Preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; Jellies, jams, compotes; Eggs; Milk and milk products; Edible oils and fats; Ajvar [preserved peppers]; Albumen for culinary purposes; Albumin milk; Alginates for culinary purposes; Almonds, ground; Aloe vera prepared for human consumption; Anchovy; Animal marrow for food; Apple purée; Bacon; Beans, preserved; Black pudding; Bone oil, edible; Broth; Broth concentrates; Butter; Buttercream; Caviar; Charcuterie; Cheese; Clams [not live]; Cocoa butter; Coconut butter; Coconut, desiccated; Coconut fat; Coconut oil; Compotes; Condensed milk; Corn oil; Cranberry sauce [compote]; Crayfish, not live; Cream [dairy products]; Croquettes; Crustaceans, not live; Curd; Dates; Edible birds’ nests; Edible fats; Edible oils; Eggs; Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; Fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; Fish fillets; Fish meal for human consumption; Fish mousses; Fish, not live; Fish, preserved; Fish, tinned [canned (Am)]; Foods prepared from fish; Frosted fruits; Frozen fruits; Fruit-based snack food; Fruit chips; Fruit jellies; Fruit peel; Fruit, preserved; Fruit preserved in alcohol; Fruit pulp; Fruit salads; Fruit, stewed; Fruits, tinned [canned (Am)]; Game, not live; Gelatine; Gherkins; Ginger jam; Ham; Herrings; Hummus [chickpea paste]; Isinglass for food; Jams; Jellies for food; Kefir [milk beverage]; Kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; Kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage]; Lard for food; Lecithin for culinary purposes; Lentils, preserved; Linseed oil for culinary purposes; Liver; Liver pâté; Lobsters, not live; Low-fat potato chips; Margarine; Marmalade; Meat; Meat extracts; Meat jellies; Meat, preserved; Meat, tinned [canned (Am)]; Milk; Milk beverages, milk predominating; Milk ferments for culinary purposes; Milk products; Milk shakes; Mushrooms, preserved; Mussels, not live; Non-alcoholic egg nog; Nuts, prepared; Olive oil for food; Olives, preserved; Onions, preserved; Oysters, not live; Palm kernel oil for food; Palm oil for food; Peanut butter; Peanuts, processed; Peas, preserved; Pectin for culinary purposes; Piccalilli; Pickles; Pollen prepared as foodstuff; Pork; Potato chips; Potato flakes; Potato fritters; Poultry, not live; Powdered eggs; Prawns, not live; Preparations for making bouillon; Preparations for making soup; Preserved garlic; Processed fish spawn; Processed seeds; Processed sunflower seeds; Prostokvasha [soured milk]; Raisins; Rape oil for food; Rennet; Ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; Salmon; Salted fish; Salted meats; Sardines; Sauerkraut; Sausages; Sausages in batter; Sea-cucumbers, not live; Seaweed extracts for food; Sesame oil; Shellfish, not live; Shrimps, not live; Silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption; Smetana [sour cream]; Snail eggs for consumption; Soups; Soya beans, preserved, for food; Soya milk [milk substitute]; Spiny lobsters, not live; Suet for food; Sunflower oil for food; Tahini [sesame seed paste]; Toasted laver; Tofu; Tomato juice for cooking; Tomato purée; Tripe; Truffles, preserved; Tuna fish; Vegetable juices for cooking; Vegetable mousses; Vegetable salads; Vegetable soup preparations; Vegetables, cooked; Vegetables, dried; Vegetables, preserved; Vegetables, tinned [canned (Am)]; Whey; Whipped cream; White of eggs; Yogurt; Yolk of eggs.

Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee; Rice; Tapioca and sago; Flour and preparations made from cereals; Bread, pastry and confectionery; Ices; Sugar, honey, treacle; Yeast, baking-powder; Salt; Mustard; Vinegar, sauces (condiments); Spices; Ice; Allspice; Almond confectionery; Almond paste; Aniseed; Aromatic preparations for food; Artificial coffee; Baking powder; Baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes]; Barley meal; Bean meal; Bee glue; Beer vinegar; Binding agents for ice cream; Bread; Bread rolls; Breadcrumbs; Buns; Cake frosting [icing]; Cake powder; Cakes; Candy; Capers; Caramels [candy]; Celery salt; Cereal bars; Cereal-based snack food; Cereal preparations; Cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; Chewing gum; Chicory [coffee substitute]; Chips [cereal products]; Chocolate; Chocolate-based beverages; Chocolate beverages with milk; Chocolate mousses; Chow-chow [condiment]; Chutneys [condiments]; Cinnamon [spice]; Cloves [spice]; Cocoa; Cocoa-based beverages; Cocoa beverages with milk; Coffee; Coffee-based beverages; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee flavorings [flavourings]; Condiments; Confectionery; Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; Cookies; Cooking salt; Corn flakes; Corn meal; Corn, milled; Corn, roasted; Couscous [semolina]; Crackers; Cream of tartar for culinary purposes; Crushed barley; Crushed oats; Curry [spice]; Custard; Dessert mousses [confectionery]; Dough; Dressings for salad; Edible ices; Essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; Farinaceous foods; Ferments for pastes; Flavorings, other than essential oils; Flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes; Flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages; Flour-milling products; Fondants [confectionery]; Frozen yogurt [confectionery ices]; Fruit coulis [sauces]; Fruit jellies [confectionery]; Garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]; Ginger [spice]; Gingerbread; Glucose for culinary purposes; Gluten additives for culinary purposes; Gluten prepared as foodstuff; Golden syrup; Groats for human food; Gruel, with a milk base, for food; Halvah; Ham glaze; High-protein cereal bars; Hominy; Hominy grits; Honey; Husked barley; Husked oats; Ice cream; Ice for refreshment; Ice, natural or artificial; Iced tea; Infusions, not medicinal; Ketchup [sauce]; Leaven; Linseed for human consumption; Liquorice [confectionery]; Lozenges [confectionery]; Macaroni; Macaroons [pastry]; Malt biscuits; Malt extract for food; Malt for human consumption; Maltose; Marinades; Marzipan; Mayonnaise; Meal; Meat gravies; Meat pies; Meat tenderizers, for household purposes; Mint for confectionery; Molasses for food; Muesli; Mustard; Mustard meal; Natural sweeteners; Noodle-based prepared meals; Noodles; Nutmegs; Oat-based food; Oat flakes; Oatmeal; Palm sugar; Pancakes; Pasta; Pasta sauce; Pasties; Pastries; Pastry; Peanut confectionery; Pepper; Peppermint sweets; Peppers [seasonings]; Pesto [sauce]; Petit-beurre biscuits; Petits fours [cakes]; Pies; Pizzas; Popcorn; Potato flour for food; Powders for ice cream; Pralines; Preparations for stiffening whipped cream; Puddings; Quiches; Ravioli; Relish [condiment]; Rice; Rice-based snack food; Rice cakes; Royal jelly; Rusks; Saffron [seasoning]; Sago; Salt for preserving foodstuffs; Sandwiches; Sauces [condiments]; Sausage binding materials; Sea water for cooking; Seasonings; Seaweed [condiment]; Semolina; Sorbets [ices]; Soya bean paste [condiment]; Soya flour; Soya sauce; Spaghetti; Spices; Spring rolls; Star aniseed; Starch for food; Stick liquorice [confectionery]; Sugar; Sushi; Sweetmeats [candy]; Tabbouleh; Tacos; Tapioca; Tapioca flour for food; Tarts; Tea; Tea-based beverages; Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; Tomato sauce; Tortillas; Turmeric for food; Unleavened bread; Unroasted coffee; Vanilla [flavoring] [flavouring]; Vanillin [vanilla substitute]; Vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; Vermicelli [noodles]; Vinegar; Waffles; Wheat flour; Wheat germ for human consumption; Yeast.

Class 32
Beers; Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages; Fruit beverages and fruit juices; Syrups and other preparations for making beverages; Aerated water; Aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic; Aperitifs, non-alcoholic; Beer; Beer wort; Cider, non-alcoholic; Cocktails, non-alcoholic; Essences for making beverages; Extracts of hops for making beer; Fruit juice; Fruit nectars, non-alcoholic; Ginger ale; Grape must, unfermented; Isotonic beverages; Kvass [non-alcoholic beverage]; Lemonades; Lithia water; Malt beer; Malt wort; Milk of almonds [beverage]; Mineral water [beverages]; Must; Non-alcoholic beverages; Non-alcoholic fruit extracts; Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; Orgeat; Pastilles for effervescing beverages; Peanut milk [non-alcoholic beverage]; Powders for effervescing beverages; Preparations for making aerated water; Preparations for making beverages; Preparations for making liqueurs; Preparations for making mineral water; Sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage]; Seltzer water; Smoothies; Soda water; Sorbets [beverages]; Syrups for beverages; Syrups for lemonade; Table waters; Tomato juice [beverage]; Vegetable juices [beverages]; Waters [beverages]; Whey beverages.

Class 36
Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs; Accident insurance underwriting; Accommodation bureaux [apartments]; Actuarial services; Antique appraisal; Apartment house management; Art appraisal; Banking; Brokerage; Brokerage of carbon credits; Business liquidation services, financial; Charitable fund raising; Check [cheque] verification; Clearing, financial; Credit bureaux; Credit card services; Customs brokerage; Debit card services; Debt advisory services; Debt collection agencies; Deposits of valuables; Electronic funds transfer; Exchanging money; Factoring; Fiduciary; Financial analysis; Financial consultancy; Financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate]; Financial evaluation of wool; Financial information; Financial management; Financial sponsorship; Financial valuation of standing timber; Financing services; Fire insurance underwriting; Fiscal valuations; Fund investments; Guarantees; Health insurance underwriting; Hire-purchase financing; Home banking; Housing agents; Instalment loans; Insurance brokerage; Insurance consultancy; Insurance information; Insurance underwriting; Issuance of credit cards; Issue of tokens of value; Issuing of travellers’ checks [cheques]; Jewelry appraisal; Leasing of farms; Leasing of real estate; Lending against security; Life insurance underwriting; Loans [financing]; Marine insurance underwriting; Mortgage banking; Mutual funds; Numismatic appraisal; Organization of collections; Pawnbrokerage; Provident fund services; Real estate agencies; Real estate appraisal; Real estate management; Rent collection; Rental of offices [real estate]; Renting of flats; Repair costs evaluation [financial appraisal]; Retirement payment services; Safe deposit services; Savings bank services; Securities brokerage; Stamp appraisal; Stock brokerage services; Stock exchange quotations.

Class 37
Building construction; Repair; Installation services; Air conditioning apparatus installation and repair; Airplane maintenance and repair; Anti-rust treatment for vehicles; Artificial snow-making services; Asphalting; Boiler cleaning and repair; Bricklaying; Building construction supervision; Building insulating; Building of fair stalls and shops; Building sealing; Burglar alarm installation and repair; Burner maintenance and repair; Cabinet making [repair]; Car wash; Carpentry services; Chimney sweeping; Cleaning of buildings [exterior surface]; Cleaning of buildings [interior]; Cleaning of clothing; Clock and watch repair; Clothing repair; Construction; Construction consultation; Construction information; Demolition of buildings; Diaper cleaning; Disinfecting; Drilling of deep oil or gas-wells; Drilling of wells; Dry cleaning; Electric appliance installation and repair; Factory construction; Film projector repair and maintenance; Fire alarm installation and repair; Freezing equipment installation and repair; Fur care, cleaning and repair; Furnace installation and repair; Furniture maintenance; Furniture restoration; Harbour construction; Heating equipment installation and repair; Installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; Installation of doors and windows; Interference suppression in electrical apparatus; Irrigation devices installation and repair; Kitchen equipment installation; Knife sharpening; Laundering; Leather care, cleaning and repair; Lift installation and repair; Linen ironing; Machinery installation, maintenance and repair; Masonry; Mending clothing; Mining extraction; Motor vehicle maintenance and repair; Office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair; Painting, interior and exterior; Painting or repair of signs; Parasol repair; Photographic apparatus repair; Pier breakwater building; Pipeline construction and maintenance; Plastering; Plumbing; Pressing of clothing; Pumicing; Pump repair; Quarrying services; Rat exterminating; Re-tinning; Rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed; Rebuilding machines that have been worn or partially destroyed; Refilling of toner cartridges; Renovation of clothing; Rental of bulldozers; Rental of cleaning machines; Rental of construction equipment; Rental of cranes [construction equipment]; Rental of drainage pumps; Rental of excavators; Rental of road sweeping machines; Repair information; Repair of security locks; Restoration of musical instruments; Restoration of works of art; Retreading of tires; Riveting; Road paving; Roofing services; Rustproofing; Safe maintenance and repair; Sanding; Scaffolding; Shipbuilding; Shoe repair; Street cleaning; Strong-room maintenance and repair; Swimming-pool maintenance; Telephone installation and repair; Umbrella repair; Underwater construction; Underwater repair; Upholstering; Upholstery repair; Varnishing; Vehicle breakdown assistance [repair]; Vehicle cleaning; Vehicle greasing; Vehicle maintenance; Vehicle polishing; Vehicle service stations [refuelling and maintenance]; Vehicle wash; Vermin exterminating, other than for agriculture; Vulcanization of tires [repair]; Wallpapering; Warehouse construction and repair; Washing; Washing of linen; Window cleaning.

Class 39
Transport; Packaging and storage of goods; Travel arrangement; Air transport; Aircraft rental; Ambulance transport; Armored-car transport; Arranging of cruises; Arranging of travel tours; Barge transport; Boat rental; Boat storage; Boat transport; Booking of seats for travel; Bottling services; Bus transport; Car parking; Car rental; Car transport; Carting; Chauffeur services; Courier services [messages or merchandise]; Delivery of goods; Delivery of goods by mail order; Distribution of energy; Electricity distribution; Escorting of travellers; Ferry-boat transport; Flower delivery; Franking of mail; Freight brokerage; Freight forwarding; Freight [shipping of goods]; Freighting; Garage rental; Guarded transport of valuables; Hauling; Horse rental; Ice-breaking; Launching of satellites for others; Lighterage services; Marine transport; Message delivery; Motor coach rental; Newspaper delivery; Operating canal locks; Packaging of goods; Parcel delivery; Parking place rental; Passenger transport; Physical storage of electronically-stored data or documents; Piloting; Pleasure boat transport; Porterage; Railway coach rental; Railway transport; Railway truck rental; Refloating of ships; Refrigerator rental; Removal services; Rental of aircraft engines; Rental of diving bells; Rental of diving suits; Rental of freezers; Rental of motor racing cars; Rental of storage containers; Rental of vehicle roof racks; Rental of warehouses; Rental of wheelchairs; Rescue operations [transport]; River transport; Salvage of ships; Salvaging; Shipbrokerage; Sightseeing [tourism]; Stevedoring; Storage; Storage information; Storage of goods; Taxi transport; Towing; Traffic information; Tram transport; Transport; Transport and storage of trash; Transport brokerage; Transport by pipeline; Transport of travellers; Transport reservation; Transportation information; Transportation logistics; Transporting furniture; Travel reservation; Underwater salvage; Unloading cargo; Vehicle breakdown assistance [towing]; Vehicle rental; Water distribution; Water supplying; Wrapping of goods.

Class 40
Treatment of materials; Abrasion; Air deodorising; Air freshening; Air purification; Applying finishes to textiles; Blacksmithing; Boiler-making; Bookbinding; Burnishing by abrasion; Cadmium plating; Chromium plating; Cloth cutting; Cloth dyeing; Cloth edging; Cloth fireproofing; Cloth pre-shrinking; Cloth treating; Cloth waterproofing; Clothing alteration; Colour separation services; Crease-resistant treatment for clothing; Cryopreservation services; Custom assembling of materials for others; Custom fashioning of fur; Decontamination of hazardous materials; Destruction of waste and trash; Dressmaking; Dyeing services; Electroplating; Embroidery; Engraving; Fabric bleaching; Firing pottery; Flour milling; Food and drink preservation; Food smoking; Framing of works of art; Freezing of foods; Fruit crushing; Fulling of cloth; Fur conditioning; Fur dyeing; Fur glossing; Fur mothproofing; Fur satining; Galvanization; Gilding; Glass-blowing; Gold-plating; Grinding; Incineration of waste and trash; Key cutting; Knitting machine rental; Laminating; Laser scribing; Leather staining; Leather working; Lithographic printing; Magnetization; Material treatment information; Metal casting; Metal plating; Metal tempering; Metal treating; Millworking; Nickel plating; Offset printing; Optical glass grinding; Paper finishing; Paper treating; Pattern printing; Permanent-press treatment of fabrics; Photocomposing services; Photographic film development; Photographic printing; Photogravure; Planing [saw mill]; Printing; Processing of cinematographic films; Processing of oil; Production of energy; Quilting; Recycling of waste and trash; Refining services; Rental of air conditioning apparatus; Rental of boilers; Rental of generators; Rental of space heating apparatus; Saddlery working; Sandblasting services; Sawing [saw mill]; Services of a dental technician; Shoe staining; Silkscreen printing; Silver-plating; Skin dressing; Slaughtering of animals; Soldering; Sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]; Stripping finishes; Tailoring; Tanning; Taxidermy; Textile dyeing; Textile mothproofing; Timber felling and processing; Tin-plating; Vulcanization [material treatment]; Warping [looms]; Waste treatment [transformation]; Water treating; Window tinting treatment, being surface coating; Woodworking; Wool treating.

Class 42
Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; Industrial analysis and research services; Design and development of computer hardware and software; Analysis for oil-field exploitation; Architectural consultation; Architecture; Authenticating works of art; Bacteriological research; Biological research; Calibration [measuring]; Chemical analysis; Chemical research; Chemistry services; Clinical trials; Cloud seeding; Computer programming; Computer rental; Computer software consultancy; Computer software design; Computer system analysis; Computer system design; Computer virus protection services; Construction drafting; Consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware; Consultancy in the field of energy-saving; Conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; Cosmetic research; Creating and maintaining web sites for others; Data conversion of computer programs and data [not physical conversion]; Design of interior decor; Digitization of documents [scanning]; Dress designing; Duplication of computer programs; Energy auditing; Engineering; Geological prospecting; Geological research; Geological surveys; Graphic arts design; Handwriting analysis [graphology]; Hosting computer sites [web sites]; Industrial design; Information technology [IT] consulting services; Installation of computer software; Land surveys; Maintenance of computer software; Material testing; Mechanical research; Monitoring of computer systems by remote access; Oil-field surveys; Oil prospecting; Oil-well testing; Packaging design; Physics [research]; Providing search engines for the internet; Provision of scientific information, advice and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting; Quality control; Quality evaluation of wool; Quality valuation of standing timber; Recovery of computer data; Rental of computer software; Rental of web servers; Research and development of new products for others; Research in the field of environmental protection; Scientific laboratory services; Scientific research; Server hosting; Software as a service [SaaS]; Styling [industrial design]; Surveying; Technical project studies; Technical research; Textile testing; Underwater exploration; Updating of computer software; Urban planning; Vehicle roadworthiness testing; Water analysis; Weather forecasting; Web site design consultancy.


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