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Reggster is the easiest way to protect your trademark in the European Union. Everything is online, takes only 10 minutes of your time, and you will be represented with internationally recognised intellectual property attorneys.


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Reggster – Fast and easy European Union trademark registration

We help you identify, protect, manage and develop intellectual property, including trademarks, designs, patents, copyright and domain names. Our attorneys have been working with world’s leading brands for more than 15 years on average per attorney. Reggster is provided by Ipriq Intellectual Property Law, digital law firm for start-ups and SMEs around the world.

Erkki Holmila

Erkki Holmila

Managing Partner, CO-founder, IP Lawyer, European trademark attorney


For Yeply, every bike is worth maintaining—and your own brand worth protecting

Yeply brings bike maintenance where the customers are. Ipriq has helped the company which aims for the international market to register the EU trademark for the name and the logo. An opposition has been made against the trademark, and Ipriq represents Yeply also in the opposition proceedings.

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The other danish guy’s international success story is based on the brand — not protecting it would be incredibly dumb!

The other danish guy exports the world’s best underwear for international markets. Ipriq has helped the company build its trademark strategy and assisted in all practical matters. These matters are crucial when we are talking about growing an international business around a well-known and esteemed brand.

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One registration covers 27 countries

EU trademark covers all 28 EU member states. With one registration you will protect your trademark in the world’s largest market. The cost of an EU trademark is only few euros per country per year.

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Trillion $ GDP


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