​The guidebook contains useful and practical information on how your EU trademark application is handled, how you can increase the quality of your application and take advantage of various possibilities that the EU Trademark regulation allows. For example, you will get tips on choosing the best languages for filing the application, information on how to draft the list of goods and services using EUIPO’s online tools and what can be done if your application is rejected.

Table of contents

1. Filing an EU trademark

  • Basics
  • Fees
  • Language of the application
  • How to take advantage of the language regime
  • List of goods and services (classification)
  • How to decide which goods and services to include in the application
  • Professional representation
  • Priority
  • Fast track

2. Examination of the application

  • Absolute grounds of refusal
  • Office actions
  • If all is good
  • If all is not good
  • Last resort – conversion

3. Oppositions and third party observations

  • Third party observations
  • Oppositions – who can oppose
  • Beginning of an opposition
  • Similarity and likelihoof of confusion
  • Proof of use
  • Winner takes is all, almost (apportioment of costs)
  • How about owners of other prior rights?

4. Useful links

5. Final thoughts


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