Instructions and further information

1. Your trademark

In the “Your trademarks” field, write what your trademark is. To use well-known examples, this could be for example “Coca-Cola”, “Pepsi” or “Nike”. If you have a logo version of your trademark, please upload it as well. Based on a number of factors we will recommend you to apply for a word (name of the product/service) or figurative (logo) trademark. In some cases we may recommend separate applications for both trademarks. You will receive our recommendation and the reasons behind it. In the end, you will choose whether you want to protect the name of the product/service, its logo, or both. Please note that even if you are interested in protecting only a logo, you will need to fill the trademark name section as well.

​2. Your product(s) and/or service(s)

Trademark registration provides exclusive rights to the mark in relation to the goods and services covered by the registration, as well as to goods and services that are similar to them. In this part we ask you to write down in your own words what is the product or service (or both) for which the trademark will be protected.

For trademark “Coca-Cola” or “Pepsi” the products could be for example “beverages” or “soft drinks”. For trademark “Nike” the products could be for example, “shoes”, “shirts” and “bags”. For “FedEx” or “DHL” the services could be “logistics services” or “parcel transportation services”.

If have a brochure or other materials that have information about your product or service, you can upload it. All materials will be handled confidentially. If there is information about your product or service on your website or on a third party website, you can include a link.

We will use the information submitted to draft our proposal for goods and services to be included in the application. After you receive the proposal, you can review and modify it.

3. Contact and business information

Here you will have to submit your email address. The link to our proposal will be sent to the email address you provide here. Please also let us know in this section whether the owner of the trademark will be a company or an organisation or an individual.​